Most people use things like photo albums or home videos to reflect on loved ones who have passed away, However the LeBeaus prefer to use Teddy Bears. The first Memory Bear off the line was made from the coat of Frankie, the deceased son of Mrs. LeBeau. When youngest son Timmy presented it 8 years after the death of his brother, the reaction was pure joy and a lot of tears. The coat had been hanging in the closet for years. Now that the coat was made into a Memory Bear it brings joy when they look at it, and when they miss him, they hold the little bear to bring comfort.

The LeBeaus have been so overwhelmed at the response and the happiness and comfort the bears and comforters are bringing to hurt people, they opened Memory Bears Inc. The LeBeaus, known for their gospel singing, feel this is just an extension of their ministry.

Mrs. LeBeau states, "Hurting people are finding comfort. It feels good to make other people happy."

Each bear and comforter is hand sewn by the Amish just for you from the fabric of your loved one.

A unique gift that will cause a reaction you'll never forget.

Christmas Deadline - October 1st