The LeBeaus travel and sing southern gospel music. Tim and Timmy LeBeau, the husbands of Susan and Kimberly, are southern gospel's only father-son duo, currently managed by Heritage Communications.  Be listening for their latest release "Already On My Knees."

Meory Bears, IncAs an extension of their ministry, Susan and Kimberly decided to open Memory Bears Inc. when they saw how people were responding to the idea, and how the bears and comforters were bringing people comfort.

"We look forward to every phone call or office visit, where we can meet and hear the stories of the people our bears are helping."

"We know that your fabric is very precious to you, and since you are entrusting it to us, we will treat it with great care. We will ship your fabric to Amish country, where our staff of personally hand-picked Amish ladies will hand sew your fabric into a teddy bear or comforter. They add plush fur to the nose, feet, and ears. If you have any special instructions for your bear, just let us know, each bear and comforter is made uniquely for you. The bears are then sent back to us, where we stuff the bears, and then get them back to you!"

Susan and Kimberly LeBeau, at the Home of Erma,
Head of the Quilting Department

Erma in Her Quilting Room